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The examples you will see below are real cases in which you can see the difference of a knowledge layer running in parallel to the operation of the company.

From traditional data layer to

Example Production order ERP .png


knowledge layer

Knowledge approach.


Knowledge relates data from different sources in a way that it makes sense for the business.

Yellow = information is Data

Green = bolded information is knowledge

Business scenario in the Operations context:


Operational background for PRO-01234


A high-end supermarket has ordered 1,000 cash register displays for their new product - an auto-bottom one-piece display.  The customer will accept between 980 to 1020 units. 

The order is to be delivered to the fulfillment center in zip code 27609 by 9:45 am tomorrow.   Forecasted weather conditions on the road suggest 30 min delay, promised time should be 7:30 am.

The product will be finished on the specialty folder gluer.   The order is scheduled to run during the second shift.


During the operation, the machine operator, David Overstreet, has had some running stops due to fish-tailing.  At this moment he is facing his third stop. David Overstreet is with the company for one week.  His previous experience has been with a XYZ folder gluer featuring only manual setup and speed adjustments.  


This order is for a new customer.  The customer, a high-end supermarket, will have this new luxury brand product exhibit at the POS.  The customer is proud to offer only the best and to ensure compliance, the quality of the products as well of any item in contact with the customer is well specified for the suppliers.  Specifications for corrugated products related to fish-tailing are k1-k2 no bigger than 1.5 board thickness and never more than 7 mm or 9/32”.


The customer is considering including this box plant as part of its strategic supply chain. Delivery time, quality, and precise quantities are being evaluated


David’s interaction with our Artificial Intelligent tool Ki-ino:



David, this is your third stop.  Your target scrap is 35 units. You have run 66% of production with current scrap 25 units.   You are close to your allowance, only 10 more left. 

What is your issue?






I can show you features to correct fish-tailing

Or Belt tension adjustment procedure



first option



There are two features in the control panel to correct speed.  

Chatbot graph 1 Cambrica.png


last belt change



The right folding belt at the folding section was changed 2 days ago.  Belt tension can be adjusted as per  graphic. 

Chatbot graph 2 Cambrica.png


how much tolerance do I have for this job regarding fish-tailing?



I found this customer’s general specifications

Chatbot graph 3 Cambrica.png
Chatbot graph 4 Cambrica.png


is there anything else I need to know about speed adjustment?



Yes.  The OEM instructor recently advice that for this machine condition when the double-wall board is folded it is necessary to increase the speed by 1% on the right-side folding belt. 


See video: @ 03:45:00

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