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As your Tech-Caddy℠, I can save you serious money and disappointments in your technology projects. 

my tech-caddy℠ approach

"Technology owners achieve incredible results when they tell the story behind their business technology ambitions and implementations.

I help them to find and define their stories.  Please explore my Tech-Caddy℠ eBook to learn more about my approach (to open use the code: Tech-Caddy-101).

I believe in the power of visualization to transfer knowledge; At Cambrica, we create visual artifacts such as the tech-with-a-purpose℠ rich infographic below, used to support the Business Case. 

Whatever phase you are in your business technology journey, 

 these infographics will help your team to focus, learn and validate their decisions. In a deeper sense, they can enhance the aesthetics of your projects and significantly increase adoption."

Rosa Reissmann

Strategic aligment tCMMS Business Case Infographic example. Copyright to Tech-Caddy Rosa Reissmann July 2023.

Cambrica Tech-Caddy℠ has conceptualized and designed this tech-with-a-purpose℠ visualization to show case our products.  Do not use for commercial purposes. © 2023. This work is licensed under a CC BY-NC-ND license. We do not take any responsibility for the misuse of this representation.

You can request a printable version in our friendly chat.

Academy's Visualizations

Want to improve user experience and adoption? Superpower your business application academy site with a visual context layer and bring clarity to your business application training materials and documentation. 

Our rich visualizations come in an Infographic format.  They are the outcome of our engagement with your business leaders, product or project managers, business analysts or your subject matter experts (SMB).  The images of the project topics and documentation are represented in a drone-view style.  They support strongly the business case by communicating the strategic vision of the business solutions.

They can be static or interactive.  We deliver an editable format to reflect the future state of the company or the changes in processes.  This way, the infographic matures and stays relevant beyond the project. It can be used by executives and steering committee's new members, for training new employees and/or for onboarding third parties, such as partners, developers or support teams including your AI bots.  

Need help building a robust business application (ERP, EAM, or AI) academy site? We can help.

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Align Strategic Vision to Business Solutions


product journey

Describe the product journey through the organization.


feature tree

Describe the solution features for specific applications


operational context

Describe materials and work centers relationship.

Commercial Buildings

organization relations

Describe the relationship between different business entities 


customer journey

Describe the different journey a customer takes through the company.


equipment 360

Describe the physical assets operation context and their functional description.

Writing on yellow post-it notes

business process

Describes a particular business process including in- and outcomes of each activity.

Minibus on the Road

road map

Shows key moments in a project timeline. 

Fancy Drinks

Dynamics AX to d365fo assessment

Clarifies the specific difference between ERP migrations to the Cloud with D365FO.

On the Phone

business solution quick reference

Add a layer of understanding on the business solutions for quick onboarding and data quality.


power app quick reference

Describes the solution architecture of Power Apps for governance and administration.

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