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We support the full implementation of specialized software, in particular in mid-size companies in diverse industries as manufacturers, food, health, transport and telecommunications.   By ourselves and supported by our network of wonderful suppliers:  SSGInsight for Agility CMMS; Velosio for our Microsoft Cloud technologies; and, Sematic Web for PoolParty Semantic Integrator. 


Our one- or two-week workshops are designed to prepare or enhance your technology investments. Our aim is to increase adoption rates among your employees.

We break down complex concepts and technologies into smaller parts, ensuring clarity and understanding. Our workshops prepare your leaders in operations, HR, and technology. We utilize a cascading style of knowledge delivery, ensuring that all participants are equipped with practical skills. Our workshops are hands-on and produce tangible deliverables such as powerful posters.

For equipment and machinery technology, our workshops promote technical knowledge transfer and job readiness.  Our training programs, and physical and digital workspace preparation will result in a more efficient workforce and streamlined operations.

Regarding business application technology, we prepare your business for future implementations through workshops designed for your business analyst (BA) and your subject matter expert (SME). Participants will receive a practical approach to prepare data and the workspace for future users, aligning with the new technology vision to expedite the Solution Modeling process for external implementation teams.

The following workshops are available.  Please contact us for specific ERP D365FO or MS365 workshops.

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