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We provide technology and integrate it including CMMS, EKM, semantic technologies, and collaboration tools.

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Maintenance and Asset Management.

Uptime and Reliability.

Controlled Cost.

A computerized maintenance management system CMMS system to manage the assets and maintenance operations to increase machine availability, operational reliability, and control maintenance cost.


Agility is a web-based modern computerized maintenance management system, CMMS, to manage assets, maintenance operations including work orders, spare parts inventory, parts, and service purchasing, service request control, condition monitoring based maintenance, calendar or counting based maintenance, IoT based job triggers, technicians and job scheduling.   It provides workflow control for notifications and approvals.  Screens are based on roles (persona), giving all the management and analytics tools for maintenance managers, field engineers, technicians, and spare parts purchasers.


Classify. Link. Analyse.

And Understand Your Data. 

Semantic Web PoolParty

Semantic Middleware to control metadata and linked data.  It also provides the pipelines to unify views across multiple data repositories such as relational databases, documents, websites, emails, among many others.


Shown as part of multiple applications as well as knowledge graph inference.

Business Performance across different applications (i.e. most profitable type of product when using ABC sheet vendor; waste focus).

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Documents and Video Content Management System. Wide Search.

CMS - Content Management System

Microsoft SharePoint and Stream:  Used as content management systems for technical documentation as well as videos.


Documents are categorized and prepared for search.


Videos are categorized, tagged and close-captioned and prepared for search.

Microsoft Power Platform:  Tools are used for collaboration, workflow, automation and Integration between different business applications.

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