Ki-ino Bot

It is the Gateway to knowledge serving chat-bots and related applications.


Enrich Reports, Troubleshooters, Instructions with industry specific models so you find what are you are looking for.

Ki-ino Tech for the Corrugated Industry


We are proud to provide standard domains for equipment used in the corrugated industry related to the technical aspects of the operation.

Our standard domain knowledge models facilitate the implementation of our AI virtual assistant interface providing a smart bot to:

  • Support a friendly yet powerful personal experience when technical answers need to be found by any person in the company

  • Support a friendly interface to collect maintenance and machine-related experiences, capturing knowledge while been produced.

  • Support IoT-based commands

  • Interact with the technical knowledge base for troubleshooting

  • Interact with FAQ

  • Direct the user to sources of information related to the physical assets.

  • Analysis for common corrugated industry performance.




Ki-ino is empowered by standard knowledge models developed and maintained by Cambrica for the Corrugated industry, deployed on sophisticated technologies for Artificial Intelligence such as cognitive services, powerful knowledge graphs and machine learning.  Ki-ino is UI agnostic.  As a standard, we deliver it’s power on our platform or using your Microsoft platform.


  • KiiNO back-end            On-board documentation

Documents such as manuals, videos, procedures, process mapping, root cause analysis, teams’ discussions are split and categorized; Troubleshooting and Frequent Ask Questions are extracted; Bot entities and patterns are identified.       


  • KiiNO front-end: It is the Gateway to knowledge serving chat-bots and related applications.