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Ki-ino App

It is the Gateway to technical knowledge capture and sharing.

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Ki-ino mobile app
Technical Knowledge capture and sharing

Ki-ino  App


Significantly reduce Mean Time To Resolve issues.  Access all your technical knowledge in the context of your search when and where you need it.

Ki-ino provides access to all technical information, brings context, captures, and shares experience "tribal knowledge".  

Standard functionality

  • Experience capturing at the source​

  • From hours to seconds; find part numbers and/or components

  • Fast schematics navigation

  • Improve operational reliability by reducing troubleshooting time

  • Manage  and access technical documentation 

  • Find video libraries and specific subjects timelines

  • Increase skills by quickly familiarizing your team with plant items and their relationships

  • Improve finding of features, basic data, and procedures.

  • Reduce time to on-board technicians.

Add-ons; Artificial Intelligence enhanced functionality

  • Character recognition in pictures

  • Images recognition

  • Machine Learning for anomalies detection and automate response.

  • Implement BOTs for common questions 

  • Support Mixed Reality scenarios

  • Smart Search

  • SME support for asset performance analytics.

Standard Modules and Key Features:

  • Ki-ino is cloud-first, web-based technical enterprise knowledge management system (EKM)

  • Designed for line-of-business technical support

  • Immediate access to all your technical documentation 

  • "Where is it?", "What is it?" mapping enrichment

  • Immediate access to all your technical media files

  • Easy capture-on-the-go experiences

  • Access to a dynamic Knowledge Base

  • Retrieval by keyword

  • Federated Search (from different repositories)

  • Live dashboards and reporting of user-search

  • IIoT and third-party system integration


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