Our solution integrates a software and process outsourcing that allows you to create a layer of knowledge around your fixed assets.

The interpretation layer of your data orchestrates the Data coming from different sources, databases, and formats, allowing you to make knowledge available to whoever requires it. 

The waste is highly reduced by implementing a knowledge layer and then adding automation to repetitive tasks and queries.   


By using wearables and smart glasses, knowledge is captured and retrieved right at the point of generation and where it is needed.  


Cognitive services allow human interaction using Natural Language Processing, voice, and image recognition. 


Machine Learning algorithms, lead by corrugated industry-standard domain models, will constantly mature, making your searches more accurate over time. 


Solution architecture:


Our Technical Knowledge Management solution sits on top of your data.  It is processed and semantically annotated based on our Corrugated Industry Standard Knowledge Models.  The resulting knowledge graph is used to catalog and retrieve information for our Ki-ino virtual assistant.  


Are your business reports not providing the context you need?