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We provide technology and integrate it into knowledge models using semantic technologies on AI, knowledge graphs and collaboration tools.


Classify. Link. Analyse.

And Understand Your Data. 

Semantic Web PoolParty

Semantic Middleware to control metadata and linked data.  It also provides the pipelines to unify views across multiple data repositories such as relational databases, documents, websites, emails, among many others.

PoolParty is a world-leading semantic technology platform focusing on standards-based management of taxonomies and ontologies. Its outstanding text mining capabilities based on controlled vocabularies open up new options for masterdata and information management.

On top of PoolParty a variety of semantic web applications can be realized, e.g.: semantic indexing & search, content enrichment, knowledge visualization, or smart business dashboards.


Shown as part of multiple applications as well as knowledge graph inference.

Business Performance across different applications (i.e. most profitable type of product when using ABC sheet vendor; waste focus).

How does it work? 

View a real example of knowledge in action. 

Personal. Integrated. Connected.  

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