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Looking to have a successful new ERP, Asset or Maintenance system, SharePoint or AI bot project? Modernize with confidence!

Technologies are changing at a fast pace, offering additional features that are not add-ons but are game-changers. 

We are bringing clarity to your project teams. From business case, requirements and solution selection to implementation, training, adoption and support. 

We aim to excel your PX (Project eXperience) by maintaining a visual knowledge base for your project team. Parallel to your project, we build your ERP / Asset / Maintenance Academy's content assets while verifying the functional aesthetics that characterize a successful project. 

Knowledge in action

Our technology-with-a-purpose approach helps you define a vision for your technology projects.  This keeps you on track and aligned with your business goals as you evaluate and implement your business solutions.

Ideally, our involvement begins in the early stages of your project. We provide 1-on-1 Tech Caddy sessions to help you tell your story. At the end of your projects you will have the knowledge in your organization to make confident decisions.  Your people will be more efficient and have the information they need to do their jobs.  Your company will deliver the best technology to benefit your customers. You will successfully embrace digital transformation. 


Let's show you an example of our technology-with-a-purpose rich visualization.  This rich visual will support your business case, for physical assets management stack of technology.

Infographic CMMS aligned to Asset management strategy. Vision for Business technology sample.  Copyright Tech-Caddy Rosa Reissmann. July 2023

Cambrica Tech-Caddy℠ has conceptualized and designed this tech-with-a-purpose℠ visualization to show case our products.  Do not use for commercial purposes. © 2023. This work is licensed under a CC BY-NC-ND license. We do not take any responsibility for the misuse of this representation.

You can request a printable version in our friendly chat.

Tech-Caddy℠ Strategic Services

At Cambrica Corp., we empower business owners to select and implement technology. Our business analysis and solution architecture services for business owners will lead you to confidently support your tech projects. Our involvement ensures that your tech investments are sustainable and run smoothly.

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Our workshops are dynamic and engaging. They bring your team together to learn practical procedures for preparing data, and their physical workspace. By doing so, your implementation teams can later accelerate their solution modeling, particularly with Agile or hybrid methodologies.

Our workshops are customized to suit your company and aligned with the vision defined in the tech-with-a-purpose℠ visualization.  


Business Technology Full Projects

Together we define a tech-with-a-purpose℠ strategy. Then we participate in your technology projects hands-on. Our practice offers full implementation of Agility (best-in-class asset and maintenance management solution). We conduct SharePoint upgrades to include PoolParty semantic technology suite.

In 2024, our practice will support your Artificial Intelligence projects provided by Dynamics 365 Copilot and Copilot in Power Platform. 

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