Our solution integrates a software and process outsourcing that allows you to create a layer of knowledge around your fixed assets.

We proudly offer Outsourcing of Technical Knowledge Management as a commitment to the advancement of the corrugated industry.  Our offer covers all aspects required for the success of our customers, making their knowledge a life entity in their organization:


Rosa Reissmann - COO at Cambrica

"We implement disruptive technology without disrupting your people".

The first approach is the ingestion of your current documentation and sources of technical information.  We provide this service to prepare the manuals, drawings, schemas, audios and videos, proposals and contracts and other relevant sources of technical documentation such as your maintenance system and your equipment OEM websites.

We create the algorithms that will tag your current or future documentation, so initially you have a digital version, fully searchable and relevant. 


Later we start preparing your technical chatbot, named Ki-ino. The previously ingested technical information is annotated by Semantic Artificial Intelligence algorithms based on our standard and curated corrugated industry-based knowledge models.  Initially we train Ki-ino to provide the answers you are looking for troubleshooting and operation, introducing Ki-ino as your agent for technical answers across the plant and design.   


During this TKM, we implement procedures and workflows to keep the technical information updated and relevant and generate Analytics and Reports which allow to understand the health of your machinery and your processes. 

Outsourcing services: 


  • Provide and maintain the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or integrate into your application 

  • Provide and maintain Content Management System (CMS) on Microsoft SharePoint or integrate it into your application.

  • Provide and maintain Ki-ino chatbots

  • Provide automation for your processes via MS Power Platform or collaborate with your internal developers

  • Provide collaboration and workflow capacities via MS O365 or integrate with your collaboration and workflow tools.

  • Provide technology at the Point Of Service to capture experience in a 101 basis.

Technology Partners:

Microsoft, PoolParty, SSInsight, Knowledge Graphs providers

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